Always at the forefront are the individuals – patients, survivors, and supporters – who need our help to understand the disease and treatments, to navigate the system and to be there for them.


Educating patients, survivors, supporters and the general public on breast cancer issues is a priority for BCCRF. We provide evidence based information on our website, through our newsletters, at lectures and conferences.

Advocates who have attended national conferences i.e. the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) or the American Association Cancer Research (AACR) or American Society of Cancer Organization (ASCO) share their acquired knowledge at community lectures and with other advocates.

Our “Scholars and Researchers” program educate college students on the science of breast cancer and how to become involved as an advocate. We also educate researchers on the important role that trained, educated advocates play, representing the patient and also the importance of providing information on evidence based science and clinical trials to the lay audience of many diverse communities.

Since 2000 the BCCRF Northern California group has presented an educational program on the second Monday of each month. These programs present a variety of speakers to cover all aspects of breast cancer; surgeons, oncologists, radiation oncologists, experts in breast imaging, and psychologists. These experts in their fields are affiliated with the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Sutter Medical Foundation and Woodland Healthcare, a part of Dignity Health. Additionally, experts from advocacy and healthcare organizations from across the country have presented to women and men in the community. Board Director, Sandy Walsh has led this effort for the past 17 years. If you are interested in this program, please contact us.


BCCRF members who are National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) Project Lead graduates are in an ideal position to collaborate with researchers on their grant proposals as well as their funded grants. Many also are peer reviewers for the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program and are advisory board members of the California Breast Cancer Research Program, the Army of Women, and the California Teachers Study. These trained, educated advocates mentor new advocates on the science of breast cancer and encourage them to become involved in training and participating in the research arena.


For two decades BCCRF members have attended the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s Advocate Leadership Summit and Lobby Day and actively participate in public policy issues to continue federal funding for innovative breast cancer research and to assure access to quality and affordable health care for all.

We address issues important to all diverse communities including race, ethnicity, gender, stage and subtype of breast cancer. We interact with them and make sure their issues are addressed and information is relayed to them in a culturally and ethically responsible manner.

Having a seat at the table where all health decisions are made puts us front and center and represents a strong voice for patients, survivors, others affected by the disease, as well as future generations. These include local Institutional Review Boards (IRB), state and national organizations and consortiums, federal agencies, and pharma/biotech company boards. We are involved in clinical trial planning as well as recruitment.

Please join us in making a difference in others’ lives and your own.