Public Policy

Public Policy is a domain that may seem to be restricted to professional politicians or powerbrokers, however defining the path our nation takes relies on citizen participation. For breast cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones, Public Policy can have a vital impact on their everyday lives. Public Policy, and the laws that stem from it, affects essential aspects of the fight against breast cancer such as:

  • Funding scientific research.
  • Drug approval, safety and costs.
  • Health insurance regulation.
  • Government aid programs such as Disability Insurance benefits.

Breast cancer advocates have a voice that speaks from experience. So, in the context of our busy lives, how can we get involved and what can we, as constituents, achieve? Involvement can be as simple as calling or emailing your representative to support or contest legislation that will directly impact your life. It can also be as powerful & inspiring as walking the halls of Congress to lobby on Capitol Hill. BCCRF believes in ensuring access to quality health care for all, and influencing Public Policy is an essential component for achieving that goal.


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