Educating patients, survivors, supporters and the general public on breast cancer issues is a priority for BCCRF. We provide evidence-based information on our website, through our newsletters, at lectures and conferences. One of our goals is to bring you updates on the most evidence-based, current breast cancer research and translate it into a language that makes the science understandable. Even if you have no research background, you can be taught to understand the basic science behind breast cancer which opens up a whole new world of knowledge and opportunities. Explore some of the training programs and collaborations that exist for aspiring research advocates.

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Clinical Trials Definitions

Clinical trials have 4 phases.

  • Phase I trials aim to find the safest and best dose of a new drug. Another aim is to find the best way to give the drug with the fewest side effects.
  • Phase II trials assess if a drug works for a specific type of cancer.
  • Phase III trials compare a new drug to a standard treatment.
  • Phase IV trials evaluate a drug’s safety and treatment results after it has been approved.