We are all advocates. When we express our opinion at work, defend our children, ask questions of our doctors and even when we vote, we are advocating for what we believe in. Patient advocates have a unique perspective on breast cancer because they have experienced firsthand the fear, the uncertainty, the choices, the treatments and their side effects. However, to be a truly effective advocate, you must be able to look beyond your own individual case and raise your voice for the good of all breast cancer patients. BCCRF aims to help you become an educated and effective advocate. Please join us in making a difference in others’ lives and your own.

Advocacy Resource Library

For two decades BCCRF members have attended the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s Advocate Leadership Summit and Lobby Day and actively participate in public policy issues to continue federal funding for innovative breast cancer research and to assure access to quality and affordable health care for all.

We address issues important to all diverse communities including race, ethnicity, gender, stage and subtype of breast cancer. Having a seat at the table where all health decisions are made puts us front and center and represents a strong voice for patients, survivors, others affected by the disease, as well as future generations. These include local Institutional Review Boards (IRB), state and national organizations and consortiums, federal agencies, and pharma/biotech company boards.