NBCC Summit 2024

The National Breast Cancer Coalition’s annual Advocate Leadership Summit is an event unlike any other advocacy meeting. The three-day conference provides an inspiring insight into the powerful ways that breast cancer advocates can influence research, policy and public opinion.

This year’s Summit, held in Washington DC from May 4-6, 2024, saw a gathering of advocates from across the country and around the world. A series of plenaries and workshops, covering the latest scientific research and effective advocacy strategies, were presented by respected scientists, grassroots leaders and public policy experts. Some compelling examples were talks given on “Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Immune Responses in Cancer” or “Election 2024: What Impact will Women and Healthcare Have?”. The majority of attendees were breast cancer survivors themselves, and the sense of enthusiasm & empowerment in the audience was palpable. Being given the tools to skillfully effect change in the fight against this pervasive disease means taking back a sense of control and strength that so many patients struggle to regain after their diagnosis.

The day after the Summit is always devoted to Lobby Day. Team Leaders from each state take delegations of their constituents through the halls of Congress to meet with their representatives. NBCC has developed an essential slate of legislative and public policy priorities such as the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act which seeks to waive the waiting period for Medicare and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits for eligible individuals with Metastatic Breast Cancer. When an important piece of breast cancer legislation such as this is championed and explained by someone who has been affected themselves, it’s astonishing how persuasive that argument can be to our elected officials. To date, 241 bipartisan Representatives have signed on to support the House bill, and the Senate bill is gaining traction as well.

Many of the advocates attending the Summit had previously graduated from Project LEAD, NBCC’s premier scientific training program. This multilayered educational approach is why NBCC is able to produce highly experienced & engaged advocates who develop the confidence needed to demand a seat at the table for all breast cancer related missions. Next year’s Summit is already programmed for May 3-5, 2025 at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Washington DC. Registration will open in fall 2024 and further information can be found here.