Fundraising Helps Launch a Student Science Program

With great appreciation, we thank Cookie Good, the Los Angeles gourmet bakery, for once again sponsoring a Mother’s Day fundraiser for BCCRF. With the continued support of Melanie and Ross Canter and all of those who participated, we will be launching a new student science and advocacy program. Please stay tuned for more details and how you can support this innovative project.

Thank you to all who donated in honor of those you love:
•    Michele Atlan honoring Carolyn Maxwell, Alley Mills and Jacqueline Desibour
•    Kimberley Baily honoring Sally Block
•    Lori Benjamin honoring Rhonda Benjamin
•    Gail Berkowitz honoring Ruth Sherwood
•    Charles Blaugrund honoring Robin Steiner
•    Melanie Canter honoring Florence Kagan, Linda Cosmero, Karen Canter, Rita Patterson, Gina Cappelli, Lena Hassan, Barbara Cohen, Gloria Spence, Beth Larson
•    Karlalenina Cauilan honoring Maureen Westin
•    Jessica Cross honoring Jessica Cross
•    Amanda Cunningham honoring Audrey and Dot Vetrano
•    Amanda Denham honoring Michelle Marie Jackson
•    Crystal Free honoring Marissa Devins Rice, Kristin Hart, Mieke Neumann, Neely O’Hara
•    Melissa Gorski honoring Patricia Gorski
•    Stephen Kessler honoring Stephen Kessler
•    Tom La Torre honoring Vicki La Torre
•    Brandon Manning honoring The Manning Family
•    Beth Meltzer honoring Leslie Baum Siegel
•    Angela G Nieves honoring Deedie Layman
•    Christopher Pamilar honoring Christopher Pamilar
•    Lori Petitti honoring Joan Petitti and Lori Petitti
•    Michele Rakoff honoring Bess Lurie, Myra Lurie, Joan Farb, Kaye Clarke Johnson
•    Heather Retsky honoring Kathryn Retsky
•    Rotha Sar honoring Lisa and Aubree Peck
•    Francine Sohn honoring Ruth Ladd
•    Barbora Stankova honoring Lisa Donley
•    Andrew Sublett honoring Lorene Sublett
•    Kim Tankersley honoring Helen Geller and Janell Glance
•    Michelle Tedja honoring Ani Margiano
•    Timothy J Thibodeaux, Jr honoring Dr. Reyna Raya
•    Erin Tillotson honoring Erin Tillotson
•    Natalie Truly honoring Cody Truly
•    Paul Valerio honoring Patricia Valerio
•    Robert Vasquez honoring Christie Vasquez
•    Kelly Westfall honoring Kelly Westfall
•    Michele White honoring Brenda White, Stacy White, Nancy Rrupp, Emilie Barmashi Joo Tanaka
•    Jenefer Wilson honoring Fran Wilson and Kathy Sirrine

(Photo by PICSELI)

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