New Educational Program

Science laboratory interior with colorful reagents and blackboard

The BCCRF is on the verge of launching a new Student Science Program to educate and inform Los Angeles high schoolers on the complexities of breast cancer as well as the growing role of patient advocates. In association with local university mentorship programs and non-profit youth organizations, we will be developing extracurricular mini-courses for pre-teens and teens on a variety of subjects.

Some upcoming topics may include:

  • Endocrine disruptors (environmental chemicals) in our everyday life
  • Breast cancer risk factors: separating myths from facts
  • Innovative research that is thinking outside the box
  • Breast imaging methods: advances and controversies
  • From the bench to the bedside: how scientific research gets translated into patient treatment

We believe it’s incredibly important that all young scholars, girls and boys, whatever their community or background, have access to the latest evidence-based information regarding a disease that 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop over the course of her lifetime. We must prevent this. And after all, these students could well be our next generation of researchers, doctors, politicians, community activists or patient advocates. Stay tuned and check regularly on the BCCRF website for updates!

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